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Quick post before I head out the door and out of town. It’s gorgeous here today, the kind of day that makes you forget that only a few weeks ago it was cold and sleeting. Seems impossible. Right now Monkey is out lounging on the grass, sniffing dandelions. Ah, the life.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a pile of magazines and books to keep my occupied on the plane, including the new Us Weekly. I have to admit, though, that I’ve been feeling a little guilty about reading so much celeb gossip these days. And it’s one thing to do it at home, another in public, where your shallow existence is just that much more evident. I was on the phone with a friend the other day who was kind of poo-pooing the fact that I read US Weekly (but in an entirely loving way): she pointed out that at least she reads People, which has some redeeming value. Which I guess is true. You’re certainly not going to read about Hometown Heroes or Serious Issues in US. Nope. It is what it is. I do read People as well, though, so that balances it out, right? Or kind of? Oh, forget it, I’m just pathetic, I know.

Still, it isn’t just me. For proof, I give you this story. We had some people over to watch the game on Saturday night, only one of which is a gossip/celeb kind of gal like myself. The others could care less, or barely at all, i.e. couldn’t pick Eva Longoria out of a lineup. Anyway, so our coffee table is covered with magazines: several ones on mountain biking of my husbands’s, a couple of Newsweeks, and then a whole plethora of US Weekly, EW, Rolling Stone and People. During a commercial break, I get up to go to the kitchen, and when I glance back, what do I see? Every one of them reading magazines. MY magazines. So there you have it. There’s like a tidal pull to this kind of content, even if you claim not to care about it at all. You can’t fight it. Might as well just accept that, and move on.

Of course, there are other levels to gossip that are even more hardcore (so to speak). If US and People just aren’t enough for you, there’s also Gawker, to which I am hopelessly addicted (plus they update all day, always good for internet addicts like myself) and of course, Page Six , the only place you’ll actually get to read about the drama involving Britney’s dog, Bit Bit, that necessitated a family meeting.

See, right now, you’re thinking, I’m not going to click on that link. I’m not! I’m above that. Of course you are.

Have a great rest-of-the-week, everyone!