Good morning.

So I’m back, after a whirlwind trip to Texas and a weekend spent recovering from it. I had a great time in Austin, the only downside being that I was so busy running around doing stuff for TLA (all fun stuff, but stuff) that I didn’t really get to see much of the city at all: instead I just got little snatches of it, like, “Oh, look at that enormous Whole Foods!” (I have a Whole Foods addiction) and “Look at all those barbecue places!” (likewise on the barbecue: love it). I pretty much decided, sitting in the airport waiting for my plane home, that the only way to remedy this was to come back, and soon. So I will.

Meanwhile, for those who are interested,

The first night I was in Austin, Laurie Halse Anderson and I did a dinner with some awesome Texas librarians. We each ate at one table, then switched for dessert. (I ordered this frozen banana creme pie thing that was so good I ate it too fast and got a total brain freeze. Will I ever learn?) Anyway, brain freezes aside, the company was great.

(Peace to you as well, Patrick. That does mean peace, doesn’t it???)

The next day, I did a very cool panel with some YA writers, then had a signing, followed by a bookstore appearance with Laurie. It was awesome.
Here’s us in front of Bookpeople, the coolest bookstore in Texas:

And inside after the signing, when we were both tired and a little silly:

It was great to finally meet Laurie, and the crowd that came out to see us was fabulous. Thanks to everyone who was there. If you want to see Laurie’s pictures, you can check her out at halseandersonhalseanderson. Thanks also to Lara, Andrea and Kim at Penguin, who always make everything run so smoothly that all I have to do is show up and smile. I appreciate it!

I spent the weekend catching up on both sleep and TV. Haven’t watched the O.C. yet, but did get Project Greenlight in last night. I swear, this show is not good for my anxiety level: it makes me feel like a nervous wreck, and yet I cannot stop watching it. Addictive! Still, I have some serious vegatating to do, and I’m thinking about enhancing it further by making a little order to Amazon today. I want the first season of Arrested Development DVD (Love it, love it), Sideways (likewise) and the new Anne Lamott book. I worked hard this weekend. I deserve it. I mean, I didn’t get to go to the enormous Whole Foods or eat real Texas barbecue. It’s only fair, right?

Have a great day, everyone!