I know I never update twice in one day, but some things just can’t wait.

Such as the fact that it is now official: Britney is pregnant. I mean, wasn’t she just not a girl, not yet a woman? It seems like only yesterday she was running through that school in her little Catholic schoolgirl skirt with her hair in braids. Ah, time flies.

Also: I am now fully convinced that something is wrong with Paula Abdul. Is she drunk? Or just heavily medicated? I just finished watching Idol and after Constantine sang she was acting like she was at a frat party about to do a keg stand. I am CONCERNED, people. Simon’s supposed to be the most honest man on the planet, though. So if he’s not saying anything, there must not be a problem. Right?

Oh, why am I even thinking about any of this at this hour? It’s ridiculous. I’m going to bed.

(And yes, it IS 9:30. I am not a girl, already an old woman. No question.)

have a good night, everyone!