Eventful day yesterday, beginning with the weather, which was cold and rainy and just so depressing. I went up to campus in the afternoon to see Jonathan Safran Foer read at the campus bookstore. BIG crowd, despite the weather, and he seemed very charming. I haven’t read either of his books but am certainly going to do so now, which to me is the definition of a good reading. I had to leave early, so I stood in the back, with my dripping umbrella, looking over people’s heads. Still, it was good. Very good.

Also on campus yesterday: Al Franken, who I didn’t see. I haven’t listened to his radio show, but I am a big fan of Stuart Smalley. Although he probably doesn’t like to hear that when he’ s in his political firebrand mode. But Stuart, on the old SNL, doing a self-esteem exercise with Michael Jordan?( “I do not have to get the ball into the basket.”) Priceless.

I had to scoot out of the reading early to go meet with a class that is adapting my work for a performance hour, which was just so fun. Lots of great questions about Dexter and Norman (and Cat Norman) and everything else. I am always so embarrassed when I am asked a question about one of my earlier books (That Summer in particular) and I freeze up, not sure right away of the answer. What was I thinking when I wrote that scene? Ummm. Probably that I was hoping I’d make enough money during my shift that night to cover the electric bill. I mean, it was 1994! Yikes. But I did the best I could. And I have to admit, talking about my characters in depth is like chatting about old, best friends. So nice. If you’re local, I’ll post the details of the performance when I have them. It should be great.

Then I went home and settled in front of the TV with my good friend Courtney, where we watched America’s Next Top Model (so dramatic!) and the Idol results show (so…not?). I’m sorry, but stretching something that could be done in ten minutes, tops, out to a full hour is just WRONG. It’s just Fox exploiting their cash cow that much more, which I understand, but it unnerved me. Maybe we should sent Tyra Banks over there to straighten them out. Did you see THAT tongue-lashing? Yikes! I was wide eyed and cringing just watching it.

So there you have it Rain, Literature with a capital L, Politics, Drama (the classical kind) and drama (the ordinary, and somewhat manufactured, kind). All in a day’s work. Wonder what is ahead for today. Hmmmmm…

have a good one, everyone!