Okay, so I am so happy it’s finally Spring, but there is a LOT of pollen in the air. Yikes! It seems like overnight, everything is covered in a thin film of yellow. The weird thing about pollen is that you don’t actually see it falling…it’s just suddenly there, everywhere. Or maybe you don’t see it at all, but your nose begins to run spontaneously whenever you go outside. Oh, well. It means the plants are happy, and that’s good, right?

Last night we watched the season finale of Arrested Development, which was great, but it also made me sad, since it seemed they were summing things up just in case it isn’t renewed for next year. I just bought the first season on DVD, which I am so looking forward to working my way through, but it will be such a shame if this show doesn’t come back someplace. I think HBO would be a perfect fit, and although they’d have a smaller potential audience, get much more buzz, as HBO is great at that whole water-cooler thing. A friend told me last night he’d heard Comedy Central might pick it up, which would be great as well. At this point, I just want it to come back, period. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I am also hoping for a season two DVD, eventually. I’m hoping for that from the O.C. as well. I wonder how long the lag time is between the final episode and DVD coming out. Too long, at any rate.

Speaking of things worth recommending, I finished a great book yesterday: Smashed , by Koren Zailckas. It’s a memoir about her drinking, which began when she was a teenager, and it’s just so well done. I know everyone is writing memoirs these days, that it’s the new hip thing to do, and I don’t read all that many of them, to be honest. But this one is GOOD. I’d been wanting to check it out for awhile and then saw it at the Austin airport and bought it on the spot. Not just thought-provoking and compelling, but well WRITTEN as well. And check out the new way Amazon is doing book pages, with the cover bigger and right there: or maybe that’s just my computer? Interesting. Kind of jumps out at you. But in a good way.

Yet one more recommendation, and then I swear I’m done and will leave you to your Monday. I have to say I don’t normally listen to DVD commentaries, unless I really love the movie (like Almost Famous and Love Actually) or have a particular interest in how the movie was made (How to Deal) but I bought Sideways on Friday, and I have to say what I’ve heard of the commentary so far is really, really good. It’s Thomas Haden Church and Paul Giamatti, and it’s just so funny. I’m only a little ways into it but so far it’s been great, so if you liked the movie, you should check it out. Really.

Whew, that’s a long entry, sorry about that! I guess it’s just when I find something good I feel compelled to share. And share. And share…..

have a good day, everyone!