Was it just me, or was anyone else entirely too distracted during Constantine’s Bee Gee song last night because it was the same one from SNL’s “Barry Gibb Talk Show” sketch? As soon as it came on, all I could think of was Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, in those white suits and medallions. Was this intentional? I mean, a new one just ran a couple of weeks back when Cameron Diaz hosted. Was this supposed to be an in joke? Irony? Personally, I thought Constantine looked a little creepy, but then I’ve never much been into eyeliner on men. Maybe that’s just me, too.

Speaking of music, I saw that a cover of “Under Pressure,” by the Used and some other band (I’m too rushed to look it up right now, sorry!) was hovering near the top of ITunes top 100 songs yesterday. Now, I LOVE the original of that song, by Queen and David Bowie. Amazing. A few years back, Vanilla Ice stole the hook and made it into a top record, and now it’s back in another incarnation. I understand the inclination to do this, it’s a cool song, but I can’t help but feel that the constant remakes are just diluting it. I mean, if all you’ve heard is the remakes, or versions that use parts of it, what happens when you do finally hear the original? Do you think, “Wow, this song is really great,” or, “Oh, this song sounds like that one by Vanilla Ice?” I cringe just thinking about it. I sort of felt the same way awhile back when The Ataris remade “The Boys of Summer,” a song that has serious adolescent weight for me. Appreciate the idea, but felt a little sad at the same time. It feels like everything’s getting remade lately: movies, songs, TV shows. Copy something enough and the original has to be affected, doesn’t it? Seems that way.

Oh, but the last thing I want to do it get all down and out today, as it’s beautiful out. Yesterday I took my class outside, where we workshopped stories, shouting over the sounds of nearby mowers. The UNC campus is so gorgeous this time of year it’s useless to even try to describe it here. Could not do justice. Everything’s blooming, and the grass is thick and green, and….oh, sigh, sigh. It’s also the time of year when you see the most tour groups of prospective freshmen (or, as my cousin Anna would correct me, first-years) and their parents. As the morning goes on, they appear, one after another, groups of people following student tour guides, all of whom have mastered the art of walking backwards and talking at the same time. (Looks easier than it is, I’m willing to bet.) On my way back to my office after class yesterday, I passed four tour groups in a row, catching snippets of what each guide was saying. “….every student has an advisor to help pick classes,” “…lots of great food options on the campus meal plan..” “the best place for quiet to study, I love it!” And on and on. The tour, of course, can only tell you so much about what to really expect. But I always like to see these high school students, listening and looking around, so much ahead of them. Even if they don’t end up here.

I know I’m getting entirely too sentimental about taking next year off from UNC, and it’s only going to get worse in the next week and a half or so as everything winds down. I will try to keep it at a minimum, I promise. I do have great memories of those tour groups, though, especially from a couple of years back, when my Intro class gathered to play kickball on the last day of classes. The tour groups kept passing every time someone was up to kick, it seemed, and I was so afraid we were going to nail some visiting parent in the head with the ball. Whoops! Luckily, it didn’t happen. Although our guides are good. I bet they could make it seem like the best perk of all.

have a good day, everyone!