Today is Earth Day, and the sad thing is that I needed Good Morning America to tell me so, that I was not aware of this all of my own. Oh, well, it’s been a busy week. And really, when you think about it, taking care of the Earth shouldn’t be something you only think about one day or year, or do one day a year. It should be a habit. I have to say, though, that it’s a great thing that recycling and conservation have come so far in the last fifteen to twenty years, as I am old enough to remember when there was no such thing as a handy-dandy recyling bin someone picked up for you at the end of the driveway, or easy places to drop off your cardboard, glassware and magazines. Now, here in Chapel Hill, there are places to recycle next to most public trashcans, something I wish was more prevalent everywhere. Like in airports. Have you ever seen recycling bins in airports? I haven’t. And I always have that moment of guilt when I find myself dangling my Aquafina bottle over the trashcan, needing to get rid of it but just Not Quite Able To. Which means I usually drag it around with me until I find a bin, which can get kind of cumbersome. But it’s the least you can do for the Earth. Look at what it gives us in return!

Only moments ago I did something else to celebrate Earth Day: I saved a wasp that was in my bathroom. (I should say that at the time I was not thinking about Earth Day actually; I was just thinking there was a big freaking wasp in the bathroom and I didn’t want to get stung. But still!) Every day for the last three days, actually, I have found a wasp somewhere up here on the second floor, either buzzing around, banging helplessly off the windows or sitting somewhere very quietly, as if trying to blend in. Now, I don’t like to kill things. I never kill spiders, and we have about a dozen crickets running around here at any given moment, escapees from the thousand or so my husband buys every other week for his lizards. Wasps and hornets are a little more dicey (read: scary) but I do my best to liberate them, usually with that high tech combination of mason jar and piece of paper. Sneak up, cover with jar, slide paper under opening of car, try not to shudder and cringe as you run to the window and shake the jar outside, keeping a safe distance. Ideally, the wasp is only temporarily discombobulated before realizing that yes, this is the open air, and taking flight. In a perfect world, though, you get what happened to me yesterday: a wasp was buzzing around, I opened the window, and a moment later, out he went. Easy peasy, as they say.

It’s amazing to me to think about what that must be like. That’s why I do it, actually. I mean, imagine you’re a wasp, and somehow you get stuck inside, and you can’t get out. Everything’s weird, you’re bumping into things, and then you get tired, and more confused. Things are not looking good. But then, suddenly, you get all turned upside down and sideways, and the next thing you know there’s the outside, the real world, the one you know. All you have to is find your way to it, and then suddenly…you’re free. Gone. I mean, we should all have such second chances, right?

Okay, I did NOT mean to get so deep about Earth Day. Or wasps. How did that happen? I was planning to talk about recycling and then rapidly move onto the O.C., which I have to say disappointed me a bit last night. I mean, what is Trey thinking? And what’s going to happen with Julie and Caleb? And is Zach EVIL now? Oh, well. I guess I’ll just cover that later. Or next week….

have a good day, everyone!