Okay, so I know it’s cool and everything, but this makes me nervous. It’s 2005: there probably should be planes that have multiple bars, and casinos, and little airplane jails for rowdy passengers (after they’ve been kicked out the bars and casinos, I guess). It’s like Seth Cohen and his whole thing about how we all expected we’d have personal jet packs by now and just be able to zip around like that: what happened? But still. There’s something about a something that big, holding that many people, UP IN THE AIR, that seems wrong.

Of course, I don’t like to fly. I used to be terrified of it, now I endure it, but it is never really fun. (Maybe a bar and casino would help, but probably not.) I remember a couple of years back talking to a friend about how I was scared to fly, and how stupid I felt about it, when everyone else I know just la-di-das right onto the plane, cheerful as can be, only to fall into a full, restful sleep before even taking off. (Okay, maybe not EVERYONE. But you get my point.) My friend thought about this for a moment, then pointed out that really, when you think about it, it’s not all that weird to be a little unnerved about being up in the air: that it’s probably wired within us, along with knowing to be wary of fire and heights. It’s not exactly natural to be thousands of feet above the earth, so it makes sense that it feels a bit unnatural as well. Which calmed me slightly, as I love when people can tell me I am not quite as crazy as I think I am. It’s reassuring, if only temporary.

Another thing that feels a little unnatural to me is this new wave of editing movies to make them more family friendly. This is a sticky issue, one I am certainly not going to try and cover in depth here, but it intrigues me. If you take a movie and edit out everything that might offend someone, is it still the same movie? Is it censorship? I know that I would be bothered if people marked out passages of my books, because every part of the story is there for a reason, and the book wouldn’t be the same without each and every piece of the narrative. Which brings me to my other question: do the movies even make SENSE if you cut entire scenes? This confuses me. Maybe it’s just like when they show movies on TV, and certain words are dubbed (“Fiddlesticks!”) and some scenes a bit jumpy, as if parts have been removed. Still, there’s a difference between editing for television and editing a movie to be rented in a video store, isn’t there? Seems like it. Food for thought, at any rate.

Finally, something that is not unnatural, necessarily, but still made me nervous: Bo Bice’s outfit on Idol last night. Did anyone else immediately think of when Jim Carrey went to some MTV Awards show a few years back dressed like an old rocker hippie and no one recognized him at first? He kept flashing the peace sign and asking why anyone wasn’t playing any Foghat, and that was ALL I could think of last night when I saw Bo in that tunic. (Was it a tunic? A serape? What do you call such a thing?) Okay, so maybe it wasn’t exactly identical. But close, right?

have a good day, everyone!

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