Quick entry, as this is a busy day, but I feel compelled to comment on the Constantine issue. Was I surprised he was cut? Yes. I thought for sure it would be Scott or Anthony. But to be honest, I was not THAT surprised, as these things often seem to happen right about this time in the competition. Now I know it’s supposed to be all about the number of votes, and who calls in, and all that. But a more cynical person (not me, of course) might think that there is some manipulation of votes in order to keep things interesting, and provide fodder for water-cooler conversation and, yes, livejournal entries. If everything goes as expected, that’s just not good television, right? Look at Jennifer Hudson getting cut, LaToya London, both before people who were clearly less talented. Tamyra Gray before Nikki Mckibbon.(Oh, my God, the fact that I remember not only that incident but the NAMES of the people involved should warrant an immediate sentence of only being able to watch Nova for, like, ever. Yikes.) I’m just saying that some people might think it was not just a lack of people voting for him that got Constantine the boot.

Some people. Not me, of course, because I am not that invested, as I am watching less TV this week. Right? Right.

have a good day, everyone!