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Good Morning.

So I’m back, after a long weekend spent resting up from the last week of classes, and even though I was only away for three days, I feel like so much has happened. Like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dating? I mean, I’m happy for them if they’re happy, but it’s a bit shocking at first. What would Dawson think?

Then there’s the whole runaway bride thing, which has gotten so much press I hesitate to even mention it here. Truth be told, though, I feel for this girl. As Kristy Palmetto would say, “There’s cold feet, and there’s Oh-God-Don’t-Do-it. That girl was freaking.” My thoughts exactly. But that’s got to be embarrassing, though: flip out, then run out on your wedding with 600 guests and 28 bridal attendants (yikes!)—which is really bad enough—but then it becomes a national news story? Oh, man. That’s one of those situations where you think that doing something—like telling your fiance you’re just not sure about the wedding—would be so HARD, so you do something else instead that ends up being a million times worse. Ooops.

Anyway. Now it’s Monday, and I have things to do. Such as: grade papers, make some attempt to clean up my house (things have fallen by the wayside a bit the last week or so) and decide what to do with the dozen or so cupcakes in my fridge, which I finally broke down and made yesterday after craving them for days. Truth be told, I blame Good Morning America, which had a segment on cupcakes one day last week that I DIDN’T EVEN SEE. Such is the power of cupcakes. I don’t even have to see them to want them: just hear them mentioned casually on TV, and the next thing I know I am thinking about them, debating whether to just buy some at the grocery store or make them, and then making a trip specificially to get ingredients. Since I know someone will wonder, I made devil’s food with vanilla icing, but only after a serious period of indecision in the bakery aisle, where for a little while I was leaning towards the traditional yellow cake/chocolate icing. But the devil won out, as it often does. (Oh, sorry, could not resist!) So I bought what I needed, made them, let them cool, then iced them and ate two while watching last week’s Project Greenlight. Pretty much my idea of a perfect Sunday night. But now, I am left with a LOT of cupcakes—who can make a half batch?—that I just can’t eat myself. I tried to give some to my neighbor last night, but he thanked me and said he doesn’t really like cake. Which, frankly, I cannot even begin to relate to. But whatever. I’m going to pack them up today and head out on my errands. If you know me and you’re local, be prepared. I may show up on your doorstep. Consider yourself warned.

Finally, a confession: I know it makes me apolitical, and a bad American, and all that, but I was SO MAD when Fox ran the President’s press conference in place of The O.C. on Thursday. Is this a low point for me, admitting this? Probably. And yet it is the truth. I thought I heard something about a double episode next week? Is this true? Does anyone know? Because that just MIGHT make it better. Well, that and cupcake. Or two.

have a good day, everyone!