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As I write this, I am sitting in front of the computer wearing a T-shirt my mother bought me for Christmas. It’s black, with a little graphic of pink galoshes on it, and underneath it says Happy girls are the prettiest girls. Nice sentiment, right? I like it, too. When I put it on this morning, though, I started to think about this new trend of message T-shirts: you have to admit, they’re everywhere. Mostly, though, I associate them with celebrities and US Weekly, which always features various stars in T-shirts with messages. Then you can get really meta and have a celebrity wearing a T-shirt that references a fellow celebrity. (Gosh, that picture and punctuation both beg comment, but I will hold back. Or try to.)

The other night watching Project Greenlight I saw one of the actresses was wearing a shirt that said YOU WERE NEVER MY BOYFRIEND, which is similiar those those MY BOYFRIEND IS OUT OF TOWN shirts I kept seeing awhile back. And who can forget that in the final photos of Brad and Jen together, he was wearing a T-shirt that said TRASH across the front, which set off a whole flurry of speculation: what does it mean? That he’s being trashed, or dumped? Or that the tabloids that were certain to run the picture were trashy? (Don’t feel too bad for Brad: Eva Longoria has offered to have his baby, after all.)

I guess message shirts have been around forever, really, and it’s not that new of a trend. Remember I’M WITH STUPID? Now that’s something I’d like to see Paris Hilton wear. Mark my words, you’ll see it in People or US sometime soon. Ah, the irony! The truth is, though, that as with all trends, it trickles down to us, the masses, as I saw the other day when I was in Food Lion. I passed a guy in the produce aisle, big and heavyset, not smiling—a little scary, truth be told—wearing a white T-shirt that said DON’ T LAUGH, I COULD BE YOUR VALENTINE. I did not laugh. In fact, I didn’t even make eye contact. I just kept walking, moving on my merry way. My point is, you gotta be careful with what you put out there, as you never know how anything will be interpreted or misinterpreted in this world. After all. I mean, I could go out today and meet some really unhappy but flat-out gorgeous woman, and then where would I be? Exactly. Maybe I should change….

have a good day, everyone!