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Yesterday, as I was driving home, I passed one of our local apartment complexes. It’s the end of the semester, I guess students are moving out, so they were in full-on promotional mode: signs, balloons, and, I realized as I got closer, a guy dressed in a Popeye costume, waving at passing traffic.

Really, though, it wasn’t just waving, it was more like beckoning, or maybe flagging down. I could just imagine the direction this person was given, in the manager’s office or whatever. “Don’t just wave! Wave welcomingly, in a just-pull-in-you’ll-love-what-we-have-to-offer kind of way!” As I passed, I did not pull in—I have a mortgage, and don’t need an apartment in the first place—but I was tempted to wave back at Popeye, if only because he seemed so out of place. Popeye doesn’t belong on a busy bypass, holding a sign. He should be in a harbor, or eating spinach, or sparring with Bluto. It just seemed wrong. And odd. Is there a Popeye-rental connection I’m missing? Or was that just the only costume available? I’ve always been really curious about things like this, as well as what it’s like to work a job like that. I mean, hot is a given, and the little air you get is mixed with car exhaust, so that can’t be fun. But seriously, think about eight hours of standing up in a Popeye costume, just waving. What a way to make a living. Next time, I’ll wave back. It’s the least I can do, right?

Speaking of career difficulties, I have to say that I think this whole going after Paula Abdul thing is going to backfire. Sure, she’s acted a little loopy this season, but picking on Paula the way this guy—and ABC—are doing is a mistake, in my opinion. She’s too sweet, and nice, and it just makes them look mean. Pick on Simon if you must go after someone, he has enemies everywhere, I’m sure, and he can take it. He’d probably welcome it. But picking on Paula: bad move. Mark my words.

Finally, on a totally unrelated note, but worth mentioning, at least if you’re a fan like me: Melissa Bank’s The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishings is finally going to be a movie. If you don’t remember the book, it was a bestseller and a sensation a few years back, and I think Reese Witherspoon initially optioned it. Also, Melissa Bank has a new book coming out this summer. Oh, joy. Finally a movie to look forward to. Even if it probably will be another year or two before I get to see it. Oh, well. Could be worse. Could be wearing a Popeye costume in the sun right now. Right?

have a good day, everyone!