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So it’s raining and cool out, so not the Friday you want in the first week of May. But summer is coming! I can feel it. Soon, soon.

Meanwhile, I have been cheered in the midst of this gloomy weather by a comment someone left yesterday about Coke commercials, in which they referred to the new ads that are running as the “put the lime in the coke you nut” ones. It’s actually coconut, but let me just say: I am not mocking this mistake at all, as I am FAMOUS for getting the words wrong to songs. When I was a kid, there was a song called “Sixty-five Love Affair” that I was convinced was called “Six Foot Five Love Affair.” And just recently on this very site I called the bluegrass song “Big Rock Candy Mountain” the wrong name (“Hard Rock Candy Mountain,” as if it was affilated with the hotel, or restaurant). Luckily, my friend Courtney quickly corrected me. These days, with the internet, you can pretty much find the lyrics to everything, but there is something about not knowing and coming up with your own that I really kind of like, because everyone’s own version reflects a little bit of themselves. Of course, this doesn’t apply only to songs. My husband recently used the expression “Going to hell in a handbag,” and just as I was about to correct him and say “Actually, it’s going to hell in a handbasket,” I didn’t, because to be honest, I don’t even know what a handbasket it. But a handbag: that, I know. And it just sounded better to me. I mean, if you’re headed that way, it might as well be in a nice Kate Spade, right?

Speaking of things going downhill, I have to say that the O.C. double-header kind of blew me away last night. So much drama, and my hunch on Trey was correct, which made me feel oh-so-vindicated. The worst for me, though, was seeing Kirsten’s slow downward spiral, because she is pretty much my favorite character, and I hate to see her in such bad shape. You can see things moving into place for the big finish in a couple of weeks, after which time…what? We all have to wait until the fall for new episodes? Painful, that is. Thank God the second season DVD is coming out this summer. I’ll need it.

For now, I’m going to make the most of this dismal day, and try to keep thinking summer. Even if it does mean O.C. reruns, there’s also warm weather, long starry nights, devilled eggs and flipflops. All good things. Just have to hang in there, right? And put a lime in the coke, you nut!

edit: Okay, so I’m a TOTAL moron, as is evidenced by the fact that they are in fact saying to put a lime in the coke, you nut. D’oh! I’m so embarrassed. And yet, I will leave the entry posted, because I’m all about the truth here.


have a good day, everyone!
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