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Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the first devilled eggs of the season. Lovely, aren’t they? I made them yesterday for my friend Lisa’s baby shower. You know what this means: summer is here. Usually, I don’t make eggs until Memorial Day weekend, to kind of keep them officially in summer, but I have to say doing them earlier this year just made me so happy. I personally ate about four. I mean, they are the perfect food, right? Of course they are.

Meanwhile, it’s Monday, and I spent most of the weekend (when I wasn’t making eggs) hanging out with friends and catching up on my reading. I also FINALLY got to my People’s 50 Most Beautiful People Issue, which had been buried under all the papers I had to grade and a book I needed to review. Julia Roberts is gorgeous, yes, and it’s nice to catch up with Martha Stewart and hear how yoga keeps her looking so good, but the best thing I got out of it was, curiously enough, a website that was mentioned in one of the articles called Googlism. It’s just so neat. You can type a person’s name in, and it comes up with sentences about that name.

I put in my cousin Benjamiin, and it came up with:

ben werdmuller is bored now (true?)
ben werdmuller is riffing for the second coming (I love this. Don’t know what it means, but love it.)

For me, it said:

sarah dessen is one of the best authors around (so nice!)
sarah dessen is a must read
sarah dessen is 30 years old (not quite)
sarah dessen is the award winning young adult author of five novels
sarah dessen is up first (at what, I wonder?)
sarah dessen is a master of the young adult novel (I wish!)
sarah dessen is in her early 30s (getting closer)

But if you really want to be impressed, put in a big time star like the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker:

sarah jessica parker is one of eight women of the american stage who discuss acting in the book by roy harris
sarah jessica parker is pregnant hbo’s signature series “sex and the city” is shutting down
sarah jessica parker is a star in her own right
sarah jessica parker is handsigned in blue marker
sarah jessica parker is the best
sarah jessica parker is only the latest in a string of tv stars to grow ever bigger on the small screen
sarah jessica parker is een van de meest trendy actrices
sarah jessica parker is nathalie west
sarah jessica parker is used to being in control of her life and career
sarah jessica parker is everywhere
….and it goes on down the page, endless.

Yet another time waster, courtesy of me. Just what you need, right? Although I have to say, I put in Napoleon Dynamite and nothing came up, which surprised me. I’m sure Google has SOMETHING on our friend Napoleon. Maybe I just wasn’t doing it right? I mean, I did get the lime in the Coke you nut thing wrong. So anything is possible…..

have a good day, everyone!