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It’s official: I now have the worst driver’s license picture EVER.

The worst part is that this time, I actually tried to prepare for it. Yesterday, when I went in to renew my license, I made a point to brush my hair, wear a decent shirt, put on some lipstick. You know. I sat at the little table, answered the questions, panicked slightly during the sign test (they only give you the shapes, and I blanked on the school crossing one, only to remember at the last second). Then I was done and headed over to sit in front of the blue background.

See, I thought the guy would give me a countdown. A one, two, three, or maybe a SMILE! Nope. So I was just sitting there waiting to be told what to do (story of my life) and click, the flash pops. I look so stern and depressed in this picture, I can’t even tell you. And I was in a good mood! It’s horrible. I was hoping maybe I was wrong, that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, so when my husband came home I showed it to him. “Damn, Convict!” he said, pretty much confirming my hunch. It does kind of look like a mug shot, actually. How depressing. And now I’m stuck with it for, like, six years. Unless I just happen to “lose” it and need another one. But how vain and stupid is that? I guess I’ll just keep it. And endure the odd looks of airport screeners and bank tellers for, like, ever. Sigh.

Meanwhile, onto cheerier subjects like: The O.C., which was FABULOUS last night. Such drama! Say what you will about this season being a little limp in spots, but they’ve completely redeemed themselves here at the end. And poor, poor Kirsten. Good God. Plus, I love a good prom scene. I cannot wait for the DVD of Season Two this summer. Absolutely.The.Best.

Speaking of DVDs and TV (do I ever speak of anything else…oh, right, my convict license picture) just want to let everyone who weighed in about how I MUST watch Gilmore Girls to know that I hear you. I’m thinking about signing up for Netflix just to get the first season on DVD. Is Netflix worth it, by the way? My parents love it, but I’ve been hesitant because we’re so busy I’m not sure when we’ll get to watching movies. However, it sounds like it’s easy, and easy is good when you live out in the country and driving into town to “pick up a movie” is a half hour trip, minimum. I hear Netflix can be addicting. Just what I need, right? God help me.

have a good day, everyone!
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