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I’ve decided that this summer, I want to have some goals. Things to work towards, to accomplish. I did this last summer as well, with mixed results. I wanted to relax (I tried) and learn to make a decent potato salad (which I gave up on when I decided that, actually, I don’t really LIKE potato salad). I had other goals as well, but I honestly can’t remember them, so it’s time to come up with some new ones.

First, I want to read more. I’ve realized that when I travel, and I’m away from my normal routine, I read so much more than I do here at home. I’m thinking about setting a goal of one book per week, which doesn’t really sound like that much. I’m probably already doing it, but if I make it official, then I’ll have to stick to it, even when I am tempted by US Weekly. I also want to go see more movies in the theatre, which I have not done in AGES. There was a report last night about how movie attendance is down, and you know why? Because I’m not there. Okay, maybe it’s not entirely that, but I used to go to the movies a LOT. Like at least once a week. What happened? I will try to remedy this.

Also, in no particular order, I would like to: try Pilates, organize all my photographs into albums (this is one I carry over from year to year, never accomplishing, but I refuse to give it up!) write some short stories, go to the paint-your-own pottery place and paint something (to match my very ugly and much beloved bowl I made a few years back) and learn how to make homemade spring rolls. Also, I want to try to get over a few of my fears, which are varied and many.

First up is my fear of snakes. I’m already working on this one, actually, as it is getting to be that time of year when the snakes start appearing. I was driving home this weekend and there, right in front of me, laying out in our road, was a VERY long black snake, sunning itself. Now, snakes give me the creeps. I know they are important, and eat the mice that constantly ravage my pantry, and that they are my friends. But I still freak out whenever I see one. Which is why, on Saturday, I forced myself to slow down, roll down my window, and just sit in the presence of this very-near-to-me-but-still-at-a-safe-distance snake. I cannot tell you how nervous I was, doing this. I was fully creeped out, and only lasted about thirty seconds before hitting the gas and zooming away. But it counts, right? I’ve finally learned that avoiding something entirely just because it scares you only makes it more powerful, and your fear that much bigger and all-encompassing. There’s a reason I keep coming upon snakes in my yard, and the road: something wants me to deal with this so I can move on. Avoidance isn’t working: as Robert Frost said, The best way out is always through. So I will work through my snake fear this summer. Or try to, while I am reading, working on photo albums, writing, stretching my core, painting pots and rolling Asian appetizers.

*reads back over entry*

Okay, so maybe I’m overshooting a bit. I don’t want to be THAT busy this summer. Maybe just the short stories, the rolls, and the snakes. Oh, and the books, too. That works, right? Oh, God……

have a good day, everyone!
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