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I have never been to Switzerland. But my books are there! Yesterday, my friends Jenny and Matt send these pictures to me from their whirlwind European adventure (my words, not theirs, although it sounds like they’re having a blast). So nice of them to think of me while in the library in Bern, right? So cool. I love the foreign editions of my books, because I rarely have any idea what the covers will look like before they’re published. This one of That Summer is kind of sweet, though. Although Haven is very blonde, not like I imagined. But anyway.

Busy day today, so a short entry, but I do want to say this: even though tonight is the decision on the final two of American Idol AND the finale of America’s Next Top Model (it’s a night of patriotism!) I will not be making any predictions here. No, sir. Which is not to say that I don’t have opinions. I’ll just tell you that I am eager to see the outcomes, and leave it at that.

I was also eager to see Britney and Kevin’s show last night, but knew it was not even worth arguing with my husband, as it was on the same time as House, a show he loves. There was just no way to lobby for Brit and Kev against a quality drama, so I didn’t even try. It’s really embarrassing that I even wanted to watch the show in the first place—but I am beyond shame here as far as TV goes, as you all know—although I guarantee a lot of people tuned in last night, even if they won’t admit it. What is it about Britney that so fascinates? I have no idea. And yet, she does. Maybe UPN will rerun it, like they do with Top Model on Fridays? Oh, how pathetic am I for even caring? Don’t answer that.

have a good day, everyone!
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