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I just want to say that even though I did not OFFICIALLY predict both outcomes on Idol and Top Model last night, they both went exactly as I expected. Of course, if I had put my hunches out there, everything would have ended differently. Isn’t that always the way? Of course it is.

I’ve been noticing another trend lately, and it’s troubling me. In story after story lately, people have been using the word ya’ll in mocking Britney Spears. Such as the Gawker headlines “I’m So Knocked Up, Y’all” and “Britney Spears: Totally Selling Her Apartment, Y’all.” Even Defamer finished out their coverage of Chaotic with the line, “We can like hardly wait for the next one, ya’ll!” Two things come to mind with this. First, what exactly IS the correct spelling of ya’ll? I personally have always done it like that, but I’m seeing all kinds of variations. And secondly, is there anything that we, as people, can do to stop this?

I know the Southern stereotypes, believe me, and I have caught flack from Northern cousins and pretty much the rest of the world for my ya’ll most of my life. But let me tell you: we like it. It works for us. When addressing a big group, nothing is better: when I was waitressing, and had to scream across huge twelve or fourteen tops, saying, “Can I get ya’ll anything else?” sounded much better than “Hey all of you, shut up, put down your margarita and pay attention, or no more chips for you! ” See the difference? I know. But now the ya’ll is being co-opted, it’s a Britney thing, or maybe, God help us, a Hollywood thing. Like the whole John Deere trucker hat phenomenon. You know, there are people who have been wearing John Deere stuff around here for years, all their lives, with no idea that it’s now suddenly (or was recently, anyway) so very hip to do so. There was something so strange to me about seeing someone in two hundred dollar jeans and a John Deere T-shirt. It just does not compute.

But we can’t do anything about that, I guess. Please, though, don’t take our ya’ll. We know you think it’s silly, but we don’t care. We like it. We need it. But it may already be too late. Britney may have given our ya’ll to the world. I’m just waiting for the day she uses my personal favorite: F**k all ya’ll!, also always handy for a group setting. If she does, it’s all over. At least until everyone else moves onto yu’uns. (Don’t ask.) But I really hope it doesn’t come to that… ya’ll.

have a good day, everyone!
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