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Okay, so far I’ve watched 3 Gilmore Girls Episodes on DVD in less than 24 hours. And I like it. Very much! You all know me so well. It will most likely be a Gilmore Weekend. Thank God for Netflix or I’d be at Best Buy shelling out money for the DVDs. This way, I can watch them first, THEN buy. Isn’t that what most people do? Yeah. Well, better late than never.


It’s Friday, and I’m feeling just so unmotivated. Maybe it’s the weather, I don’t know. You know how some days you just feel totally blah and don’t know why? That’s been me the last couple of days. I am determined, though, to shake it off and enjoy the weekend, which shouldn’t be hard as we have a wedding to go to, and I LOVE weddings. Especially since I planned and had my own.

Before, I liked them fine, you know, but since having had to put one together and deal with EVERY LITTLE FREAKING DETAIL I now have a much greater appreciation for weddings. I am a great wedding guest these days, as I always make a point to notice the little things that may not seem like such a big deal, but you know someone agonized over. Like the napkins. Or the cake decorations. Or the guestbook. I give compliments freely and with feeling. Before, I hardly noticed, but let me tell you, when you’re planning a wedding you can really lose your mind about the stupidest little things. And it’s not just you that goes crazy, it’s everyone. There’s something about a wedding—this convergence of people and family and emotions—that just works like a psychological powder keg. Have you noticed how people behave so much crazy about weddings than they do normally? Feelings are so easily hurt, umbrage taken. It’s like a group acid trip. (Not that I would know about such a thing: it’s just an expression.)

So now, I always tell the bride how great the flowers look, and the mother-in-law how wonderful the rehearsal dinner was, and I always eat cake, because a lot of people don’t, even though you would not BELIEVE how much some people (ahem) have worried over it. I spent a lot of money on my cake, and time picking it out, but then I was too busy dancing and served it too late, so we had tons left over. My mom took most of it to the local homeless shelter. I’m sure they thought it was kind of bizarre, but I have to say, it was GOOD cake, not dry with over-sugary icing. Yum. And it seemed fitting, after all the stupidness of wedding planning, worrying about things like napkins and invitations endlessly when there are REAL problems in the world, that the cake end up someplace it was appreciated. At least, I hope it was.

This wedding will be particularly nice, as the people getting married are great people, and fun people. Plus, we’re all supposed to bring food in lieu of gifts, which is really cool. I am bringing my bean salad, which may sound lame, but is the best bean salad on the planet. I kid you not. Maybe I’ll post the recipe sometime. It’s the least I can do, for the Gilmore Girls recommendation.

On a final note, the O.C. is over for another year. I thought the end was…a bit much, to be honest. Poor Marissa. Hasn’t that girl been through enough? Maybe next year, someone else can take over the suffering for a little while. But then it just wouldn’t be the same, would it?

have a good day, everyone!
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