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Wow. So many nice comments for my birthday yesterday: my cup runneth over. Thank you so much, all of you. Seriously.

As usual, I managed to drag my birthday out to several days, but now it is officially over and time to move on. Plus, along with another year, summer is here, full-on. I woke up Saturday morning, walked outside, and BOOM! The humidity had arrived.

Heat is one thing. That, we had already had, although sporadically. The humidity is the real killer, though: you open the door and it hits you, thick, in the face. Moving through it is like walking in a sponge. And it never really goes away, once it appears, except for the fifteen or so minutes following the late afternoon thunderstorms that are also a hallmark of summer. You find yourself running outside to breathe as everything drips, before the air gets thick and heavy again and you have to duck back inside to the A/C. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” should be our state slogan. (Sadly enough, I don’t even know what our slogan is: I guess I wasn’t paying adequate attention back in fourth grade, when we learned such things.)

“Thank God for air conditioning,” would work as well. When I first moved in with my husband a million years ago, we lived in the cutest rental house in the sweetest neighborhood. I loved it so much, but NO ONE would come visit us at first because it was summer and we had no A/C. Fans can only do so much when it’s ninety degrees outside and no breeze. I’d find myself making excuses to go to the grocery store, just to hang out in the frozen foods section. Finally, my mother took pity on us and bought a window A/C unit. It changed our lives, our quality of life, instantly. I will forever be grateful for her for that. Forever. (Along with the washer and dryer she bought us a few years later, which meant no more Saturdays at the laundrymat. Oh.My.God. Heaven.)

Anyway. It might be hot, but I’ll take it. I’d rather it be hot and sunny, like now, than cold and dark at five pm, like in February. There was a time I liked the fall and winter, but I can’t remember it now. Besides, this has been such a busy year, hectic hectic, juggling a million things. Here in the South, when it’s hot and heavy like this, you have to slow down: you don’t have a choice. It’s required to sit back, with your tall glass of iced tea full of rattling cubes, and doze off midday. You can’t help but drag out your paces, speak more slowly, take your time. It’s about self preservation. But it’s nice, too. There will be plenty of time to be busy once that crackling chill creeps back into the air. For now, just take your time. It’s hot out.

have a good day, everyone!
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