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This is the sermon board from the church right down the street from our old house. When we lived there, I used to check it every week for possible insight into my own life: like a horoscope, or a fortune cookie. (What can I say, I am the kind of person who is ALWAYS on the lookout for signs. Maybe this says something about my own lack of initiative, or ability to Make Things Happen. Could be.) Anyway, I was driving past the other day, and out of habit I checked the board, and I have to say, this is the best one yet. Boom! Message received.

I pulled over, got out my phone, and took this picture. I only wish that I had documentation of the other great messages I saw over the years I lived there, and since. Like OTHERS: FRIEND OR FOE? or WAIT FOR IT. I prefer the more cryptic ones, myself, as they can be interpreted any number of ways. Not all churches down here have these boards, but many do, and the messages are as distinct and different as the congregations. This one, though, takes the cake for me. I love it. I will live it! I promise.


Speaking of signs, or not, the power went out here last night. One minute I’m walking across the room with my dinner plate, about to get seconds, and the next, the lights flicker. Once. Twice. Then, really quickly, about four times, which was something that was way creepy and, as my neighbor said later, could not be good. He was right. The power went out, and stayed out for three hours. Luckily, because it’s summer, it was light outside for most of that time, although I did light a candle for ambiance. Then I read magazines, and talked on the phone, and puttered around trying to stay busy, which is hard to do when there are no lights, no computer, no real distractions. It was very quiet, except for someone’s generator, which they’d already started up. For awhile Monkey and I just sat there, in the falling darkness, together. Then we (um, me) broke down and watched some Sex and the City on my laptop. It was like camping, but inside, and with mad style. Very fun. As always, when something like that happens, I am reminded to be grateful for all the little things I take for granted. Like, um, power. It’s like a reality check: you think you’re having a bad day? Well, deal with this! And then you do, and you get over yourself, and then, hopefully, the power comes back on just in time to wash your face and go to bed. Lucky me.

have a good day everyone!

(P.s. Speaking of things broken or not working, I apologize to anyone who has tried to sign the guestbook on my website lately. Something’s wrong with it, and it hasn’t worked for almost a week. I will try to fix. Somehow. Sorry!)

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