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Well, I’m back. After a week filled with cousins, cool Cape Cod nights and entirely too much clam chowder, I returned last night to good old NC. Getting off the plane, I could feel the temperature change almost instantly: hello humidity! But it’s nice to be home. Even if it is going to be ninety-five degrees today.

Being on vacation is so great. I think it’s that total lack of Have To that I like the best. No sense of obligation, other than going to the grocery store and a little socialization. Poor me, right? Most of the time, when I wasn’t eating or sleeping, I was reading: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which I loved, Sophie Kinsella’s newest (yay for advance reading copies!) and now I’m racing through Tom Perrotta’s Little Children, which is just great. Still on deck—I never get to read as much on vacation as I used to, what’s up with that?—is Emily Giffin’s Something Blue and Bad Girls by Alex McAulay, who just happens to also teach in the English Department at UNC, which is just so cool. The fact that I pretty much had no internet access, paired with this sudden burst of reading, has to mean something. Hmmmm.

Speaking of computers, a question for all of you: does anyone know anything about good website guestbook programs? Mine is STILL not working right, after two weeks or so, and I’m getting frustrated (especially since I’m paying for it, albeit not that much. But still!). All I need is something basic where people can leave entries that are either private or public, for everyone to see. Right now I’m with Lycos Html Gear, which is, as I said, not working. Any suggestions from those of you who know such things would be MUCH appreciated.

Meanwhile, it’s July 1st, leading into one of my very favorite holidays of the year, Independence Day. Coming off of vacation this feels especially decadent, to go from “Oh, I can eat and drink whatever I want with no worries, I’m on vacation!” to “Bring on the ice cream and potato chips, it’s the Fourth of July!” Ah, summer. You gotta love it. I hope all of you have a great weekend, with lots of devilled eggs and cake and sparklers and burgers (veggie or not) on the grill. Wiggle your toes in the grass, take a long midday nap, or just sit on the porch and rattle the ice cubes in a beverage of your choice. This is what it’s all about, people. (This….and the Tour de France, which begins tomorrow. Go LANCE! LUCKY SEVEN!)

have a good day everyone!
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