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Everyone, meet Coco. Coco, this is….everyone.

We’ve been wanting to get a new puppy for awhile now, but had to wait until we got back from vacation. I figured I’d have a few days to unpack, get settled, you know, but less than twenty-four hours after walking in the door, I was at the grocery store when my husband called me. He’d found a puppy just like the kind we wanted advertised in the paper, there was only one girl left, we had to act fast! So off we went, with Monkey in the truck with us, out to the country on the hottest day of the year. And there, jumping up and down in a pen, was Coco. (We picked the name: she just looks like a Coco to me.)

She’s a Boston Terrier, eight weeks old. And, plainly put, crazy. This dog is either full on energy, bouncing around like a jumping bean, or asleep. There is no in between, apparently. Factor in that we also had a friend’s dog, Mustard, a whippet who is about thirteen years old, staying this weekend, and you can understand why I’m tired. It’s like wild kingdom here. Or the circus. But it’s all good. Plus, Monkey is being so sweet with her. She climbs all over him, attacks his head, chews on his ears, and he just sighs and looks at me. I think they’re going to be friends, though.

Now, I’m chugging coffee and headed off to the vet. Yawning, but happy.

have a good day, everyone!

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