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I’m writing this in a rare quiet moment here, as both dogs are sound asleep. This weekend was insane, with the new puppy (thanks for all your kind words, by the way) and Monkey racing around madly, crashing into furniture, playing so hard I occasionally had to separate them so they could rest. Since our other dog, Scout, died in March Monkey had gotten progressively more lethargic and sad, but now he’s back to his old self. Even if he is exhausted. I can relate. But it’s all good.

Our weekend was all about the animal kingdom, and not just the ones here in the house. On Saturday, there were several rabid raccoon sightings in our neighborhood: one of my neighbor’s dogs tangled with one, and then another neighbor saw an entire family outside his back door that just, in his words, “did not look right.” Plus, about a mile away, a woman walking her dogs was attacked by a rabid fox. I mean, really! Of course, I got all paranoid, sure that the moment I stepped outside some foaming animal was going to attach itself to my leg and give me rabies. Happy Fourth of July!

All of our friends told me I was being silly. But then, coming back from a neighbor’s house on Saturday, just after being mocked for my anxiety, what do we see? A raccoon, loping across the road, in broad daylight, not even caring that my car is approaching. Scary. The rabies thing is serious this summer, apparently. Yikes! But there’s not much I can do about it that I don’t do with everything else terrifying, which is try to strike that oh-so-delicate balance between aware and obsessed. Easy, right? Or, not.

A healthier obsession for us these days (other than keeping Coco from peeing in the house) is the Tour de France, our annual month-long viewing party. We’ve been watching the OLN Coverage every day. The people I watch with are serious about cycling: they know their stuff. I’m just trying to keep up and make sense of it. I’m realizing it’s kind of like NASCAR: it may look like people just driving, or biking, but there’s strategy. And drama. And Bob Roll, the commentator that makes it all worthwhile. Ahh. My Lance Armstrong fixation continues, on and on, and on……

have a good day, everyone!
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