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I swear, I have so many bugbites right now. Maybe the bugs are really bad this summer, or maybe it’s just that I’m outside in the backyard so much more, since the puppy can’t go out by herself, but it seems like every hour or so I have another one. And I keep getting them in the weirdest places, like my elbow, or the middle of my forehead (third eye?) or my belly button, which, in case you’re interested, is the worst place ever because whatever you have on is constantly rubbing against it and making it itch. UGH!

So here we are, mid-summer. Maybe it’s time for a recap, so far?

Books completed and accepted for publication: 1
Trips to Cape Cod to see wonderful family that I adore: 1
Number of cups of clam chowder consumed on vacation: about 6, more or less
Amount of money spent at Gap since summer promotions began: I’m not even counting
Hours of Tour de France watched: (counting actual footage, specials, and re-watching footage) entirely too many…twenty? Thirty?
Hours of Gilmore Girls watched: three. Maybe four. (Such an imbalance.)
Number of nights I’ve gotten up at 2am to take out Coco: 14
Number of nights since we got Coco: 14
Movies seen so far this summer: 2, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants and Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Hurricanes/Tropical Storms dodged so far by NC: 2
Occasions so far that called for devilled eggs: 3 (that’s about average, I guess)
Books read since my summer vacation began (with one word reviews): 7. The Wonder Spot (great) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (innovative) The Undomesticated Goddess (fluffy) Little Children (fantastic) Something Blue (good) The Myth of You and Me and The Geography of Girlhood (both coming soon, so good!..oops, that’s four words. Oh, well.)
Number of books left to read: at least twenty, stacked in my closet. Bliss!
Number of bugbites: at least a hundred (or so it feels)
Number of times I’ll look back on this month in Jan or Feb, bugbites and all, and feel wistful: too many too count, I’m sure.

The nicest thing about this summer so far, though, is that I don’t have anything huge looming that I have to deal with. For the first time in about two years, I have a string of empty days, all mine. Two years ago, this week, I was officially insane, as How to Deal was about to come out. A year ago, I was still promoting The Truth About Forever. Which is why I am trying to make a point of being here, now, in this quiet present, as much as I can. So far, it’s going okay. I’ll keep you posted.

Of course, there are exciting things happening. Like the new Harry Potter book coming out this weekend. I’m a fan, but not a crazyobsessed one, like most: I’ll wait a little while before I read it, but I will read it. My husband, however, LOVES the Harry Potter books. He’s read them all, and he hasn’t even read all of MY books (although he claims he has…but I think he skipped a few. But whatever.).Anyway, we were driving home the other day and I casually mentioned the new Harry Potter was coming out, only to be surprised by his rather blase reaction. “I thought you’d be more excited,” I said. “About the new movie?” he asked. “No,” I said. “The new book.” He turned his head. Looked at me, eyes wide. “THERE’S A NEW BOOK????” he said. (How someone who lives with me can be so oblivious to such major pop culture happenings, I’ll never know. But there you have it.) Yes, I told him. It comes out on Saturday. And he was just SO excited. He’s even threatening to go to the bookstore at midnight, when they go on sale. Now THAT is dedication. To her books, anyway.


have a good day, everyone!

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