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Yesterday, I finally did it: I bought a new digital camera. I am so weak, I can’t even tell you.

I have a Canon digital elph, which I LOVE. I bought it about five years ago and it is the greatest. It’s also incredibly beat up, as I’ve dragged it all over creation with me (i.e. every vacation, wedding, birthday, etc) and I long ago stopped bothering to put it in its case. I’ve had to replace the battery, which burned out earlier this year, but otherwise it’s been just fine. But then, a few weeks back, I got struck by a serious case of technology envy when I saw my cousin Anna’s NEW digital elph. It was smaller. Had many more megapixels. And SOUND for the mini movies. “My camera’s fine, it works great,” I kept telling myself, and yet, I could already feel it happening. I was just like my friend Scott, who is so into having the most up to date technology that whenever I get a newer phone than him, all I have to do is bring it out oh-so-nonchalantly to send him into envy overdrive. It’s sick.

Anyway. So I started pricing them awhile back, went to Best Buy a few times. Then a friend told me to go check the prices online, since they are often lower, and sure enough, the camera I wanted was forty bucks cheaper on the website. Now, I’m not the kind of person who will drive all over town to save a dollar or two. But forty? Please. I went back to Best Buy yesterday for one last look, and this nice salesman came over and answered a few of my remaining questions. I was ready to buy it, but in order to save the money, I had to drive home, go online, buy it, then return to the store to pick it up. Which seemed…stupid. When I told him this, he agreed, and said he’d give it to me for the online price. Score!

So now I have this totally cute little camara, so small I am sure I willl lose or drop it at any moment, in the most fab little red leather case (which was of course extra, as was everything else you actually need, they so get you that way. But anyway). So far, I’m blown away by how much nicer it is than my old one, even though all I’ve done is take entirely too many pictures of the dogs in their two default settings, sleeping or wrestling. And the movies with sound ARE fun, I must admit.

Though I have to say, I feel like I have entirely too many things now that can document the world around me: digital camera, camera phone, etc. Back in the old days (say, ten years ago?) there was this lag time between when you took a picture, and when you got to see it. This sense of mystery, no idea how it would turn out. You dropped off the film, had to wait an hour (or more) and then picked up your pictures, and only when leafing through them did the memories all come back and seem real. Everything’s so immediate now. Something happens, and we have instant proof, not just for us but everyone, as putting pictures and movies on the internet is so easy. Is this better? Maybe. But I’m not sure. It sort of makes our own memories, the ones without visual proof, seem less important, and I’m not sure that’s really true. Hmmmmm.

Anyway. Enough introspection. More coffee.

have a good day, everyone!
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