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After a movie drought of sorts, I saw two yesterday. Two! Okay, one of them was on DVD, but it still counts. First off, we went to see The Wedding Crashers (or is it just Wedding Crashers? I’m not sure), which was good but for some reason not as good as I thought it was going to be. That’s the problem with reading so many hyped up reviews–best comedy of the summer!—I was expecting perfection, and of course, nothing is perfect. Still, I thought Vince Vaughn was great, and I was struck by how different Rachel McAdams looked than in Mean Girls. She was pretty there, but gorgeous in this movie. All in all, very much worth the price of admission, if not the funniest movie ever in the history of the world.

Then again, I might have just been bitter and distracted by the fact that the small popcorn I always purchase had, since I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the same theatre last month, become even SMALLER: like about half the size that it used to be. For $3.10. Now, maybe the price went down with the size. I have to say I don’t remember how much I paid last time. But somehow, I doubt it. And let me just say: people, this was a mini popcorn. I’d say about three cups, maybe four. Tiny bag. Almost elfin. So annoying. How much do you think it cost THEM? I bet less than fifty cents. Honestly.

It’s funny that I was thinking so much about this, though, because once we got home, I popped in Super Size Me, which I’ve been wanting to see forever. A few minutes in, I realized it’s probably a good thing I got such a small amount of popcorn, as it’s probably terrible for me. If you haven’t heard of this movie, it’s a documentary that follows a guy who decides to eat nothing but McDonald’s food for a full month, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s also about the epidemic of obesity in this country, and the power of the fast food companies and how they market themselves. He gets all checked out by doctors before he begins, and over the month his health worsens and worsens. It’s really compelling and, honestly, disturbing. Now, I don’t eat fast food hardly at all—and when I do, I’m more of a Taco Bell kind of girl–but it really makes you think about diet and sugar and what Americans consume on a daily basis. Suffice to say, today I will be making a trip to Whole Foods today for some green vegetables. And healthy grains. And…whatever else I can find to shake the images from the movie. Yikes.

have a good day, everyone!
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