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I’m writing this from a local coffee shop, as I have finally taken a break from my dogs to escape into the (hot) real world. Lately I have all these aspirations to be up early and be massively productive, only to find the entire morning slip away from me in a haze of humidity, phone calls, and repeatedly having to take out the puppies. But not today. Today I am out and about, moving efficiently and quickly through my To Do list, a whirlwind of productivity and accomplishment.

Or, not. Actually, I’m just sitting here drinking the last drabs of my first mocha in weeks, surfing the free internet. But this is nice too.

Something not so nice: I think I am getting too old for MTV. I know, I know. How can this be? I am the MTV Generation! But yesterday, I watched an episode of Made (one of the last shows I really like on MTV) and found myself feeling all unsettled and bothered. It was the latest one about the girl who wanted to be made into a “girly-girl” (there’s a semantic and real difference, you know, between the two). In sum, she’s a jock, no boyfriend, wants to be more feminine and go to her prom. They get her a coach who teaches her about makeup, and half shirts, and confidence. All well and good, so much so that through her various assignments meets a nice boy who asks her to prom. Dream achieved, right? Well…no. Turns out there’s ANOTHER guy, who she has stronger feelings for, who might be a possibility. So what does she do? She calls the first guy, the nice guy, and tells him she can’t go to prom with him—two days before—because there’s someone else she likes more. And instead of someone saying, “Hey, that’s really kind of a crap thing to do,” her Made coach supports this, saying, “You have to follow your heart.”

I’m sorry, but this just bugged me. Does being made into a girly-girl also mean you have be callous and heartless? Even the guy she wanted to go to the prom with thought dumping the other guy was a crap thing to do. But she did it anyway, and then we’re supposed to still be happy for her when she’s all in her pretty dress, and fancy hair, at the end of the show, dream come true. Sure, you look great. But what you did was lousy and rotten and really bad for your karma. Enjoy your night!

See? I’m old and cranky. Probably no one else was bothered by this. Maybe I should just stick to The Dog Whisperer and Entourage, where I don’t have to deal with this kind of thing. Yeah. That’s probably best.

have a good day, everyone!
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