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Lance wins his seventh Tour de France. Sure, he gets international acclaim, news coverage, and a kiss from Sheryl Crow. But if he knew about this cake I made for him–or, okay, bought and decorated for him—I think he’d be mad impressed. Or, not. Okay, I’m a total nerd. Moving on!

This weekend was all about two things: the Tour wrapping up (and ending with it, the monthlong cocktail party that has NOT been good for my liver, God help me) and Good Times. Not “good times,” although many were had, but the show Good Times, which began running on Nick at Nite this weekend. I LOVE Good Times. Can I tell you that I have seen pretty much every episode? It’s true. When I was younger (okay, MUCH younger) it was on every afternoon at five pm. I watched it religiously, all the way through high school. The early episodes, with James in them, are the best. And a young Janet Jackson, as Penny? Priceless. I watched several in a row this weekend and it just made me feel so nostalgic I can’t even tell you. Right now, there are five or so on my Tivo. Yes, it’s dated—the camera work zooms in SO CLOSE on people—and some of the jokes will go way over the head of most people not born, uh, thirty years ago. But still! Good stuff.

Now, it’s Monday, last week of the July, and apparently we’re in for the hottest day of the year today. One hundred and five, my friends. Which is why I need to keep this short and go out, because times like this, fifteen minutes too close to the heat of the day and you just might evaporate. No joke. Before I go, though, I want to thank Nikki, who let me know that Dreamland is, in fact, fashionable. If only I looked that cool when I was reading it. Or writing it. Or….doing anything related to it. Oh, well.

have a good day, everyone!
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