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So I haven’t been in school in ages—unless teaching at a university counts—but it’s weird, whenever I see back to school stuff, it never fails: I feel that sudden, quick pang of dread, not wanting the summer to end. It happened at the Wal-Mart the other day, when I saw they already had all their notebooks and pencil boxes and everything else out for sale. And just now, when I heard saw my first back-to-school ad on Good Morning America. I know some places go back early, but people, come on! It’s only July 26th!

Now, I love school supplies in general (I am a total Post-it, pen, OfficeMax kind of nerd) but in this context they make me feel wistful and sad. Which is just so strange, because I’m not even going back to school in the sense that I have been for the last eight years, as I’m not teaching at UNC this year. My summer could go on endlessly, if I wanted it to (although the coming of fall would make this a little tricky). I guess there’s just something about the season suddenly having an end point, when we’ve been in the midst of it for so long. Sigh.

Then again, it is odd to be sad about summer ending on a day when it’s supposed to be over a hundred degrees, a heat advisory is in effect, and you just shouldn’t even bother to go outside if you don’t have to. Maybe fall isn’t all that bad after all?

have a good day, everyone!
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