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Among the CNN Top Headlines today? FORECAST: STILL HOT, REALLY HOT. You don’t say.


But enough about the weather. I’m sick of hearing about it. Let’s move onto other topics like…haircuts. This morning, I’m heading out for a haircut, and already I find myself doing what I always do, which is actually thinking that I’m going to do something different. I’ve written here before about the fact that I am not a hair experimenter. Give or take a few changes in lengths and some ill-advised and much-regretted layers, I’ve had the same haircut since, oh, high school. But even so, each time I go to see my friend Lars, who cuts my hair, I always at first entertain the notion of doing something different. Something totally surprising, that would collectively blow the minds of all my friends and family who are used to seeing me looking the exact same way my entire life. It usually starts about a week before the appointment, then slowly builds as it approaches, until I’ve actually convinced myself to go for broke. Which lasts until I walk in the salon door, at which point I totally wimp out and just get a trim. So pathetic, right?

Maybe this time, though, I shouldn’t beat myself up about this. Maybe I’m just not meant to be wild with my hair. I mean, it would be out of character, as I am hardly wild about anything else, as OCD as I am, not to mention obsessed with my Palm Pilot and a champion listmaker. I am wild in my very unwildness. I don’t have a single tattoo, or piercing. I’ve never really dyed my hair (unless Bianca doing home highlights for me counts). I am just not the kind of person who can sport a cowboy hat and stilettos and make it look oh-so-casual and hip. I don’t listen to cool bands you’ve never heard of, I rarely am out past ten pm, and I drive a Honda Accord. I am never going to be mentioned on Page Six (okay, mentioned AGAIN. Highlight of my life, that was. Seriously!). I am also never going to be the kind of person who can put on full makeup and make it look good, or wear no makeup and look luminous, and most likely even on my best day I am sporting a stain or wrinkle that I cannot control or get rid of. For thirty-odd years, I have wished I could be some or all of these things, but folks: it ain’t happening. Maybe it would be better to focus on another goal. One more worthwhile, that actually could make a difference both for myself, and the world. You know?

Although, maybe bangs WOULD be cute. Wouldn’t they?

No! No, they wouldn’t. I know this. Now: to embrace it. All of it. Wish me luck.

have a good day, everyone!
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