It’s pretty amazing, when you think about it. That I can be sitting here, in North Carolina, with my dogs wrestling at my feet, drinking coffee, and on my TV screen I can watch an astronaut doing delicate repair work up in SPACE. Insanity! Of course, the bizarre quotient is just upped by Diane Sawyer providing a color commentary of sorts: “Let’s just watch and hope…he got it!” Pretty exciting for quarter to nine in the morning. Even more impressive: NASA has made it clear that they don’t want any garbage from this operation cluttering up the universe. They gave the astronaut a bag to put all the trash in. I mean, let’s just consider this for a moment, can we please? If an astronaut doing intricate repair work IN SPACE can make an effort not to litter, why can’t people on the highway do the same thing? For him, it’s a “gap filler”: for you, a Big Gulp. But the same principle applies: don’t make a mess of the world. Take a lesson, people!

(Can you tell how total anti-litter I am? When I see someone toss a cup from their car I can feel my blood begin to boil. I don’t care how you justify it: it’s wrong. WRONG!)

Okay, enough ranting. Let me get back to the wonder and marvel of space. Take a deep breath and….wow.

have a good day, everyone!
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