Late entry today. What can I say? I’m slacking. It was one of those cool, rainy mornings, and I just found myself compelled to throw aside all routine. Or some routine. Anyway. Better late than never.

Last night, I sat down to watch Kathy Griffin’s new reality show, My Life on the D-List, which seemed interesting to me because there’s something refreshing about a celebrity who is willing to admit that they’re not as cool as they wish they were. We also watched her standup special on Bravo the other night, which was really funny (if not exactly kind to Raleigh’s own Clay Aiken). Anyway, so the show is good, and my husband plops down and watches it for awhile with me. About thirty minutes in, after we’re both totally sucked in, Kathy says something about how she’s always mistaken for either Kathy Lee Gifford (which I don’t get) or Vicki Lewis from Newsradio (which I do). My husband sits up. Looks at me. “Hold on,” he said. “That’s not the girl from Newsradio?” No, I tell him. It’s the girl from Suddenly Susan. “What? No, the show with Andy Dick, right?” No. Brooke Shields. “What?” he says. Total confusion. Turns out this entire time, both the standup show and the new one, he’s been thinking she was someone else. Which is just too funny and somewhat surreal, as well as difficult, as I found myself trying to explain what Suddenly Susan was actually about. “Oh! That was the one with David Spade, set in the magazine?” No. That was Just Shoot Me. Which is kind of how I felt by the time I gave up trying to explain the entire thing. Who needs TV, anyway? We have comedy galore here in our own house.

(I have to say, it’s an easy mistake to make: they do look alike, as you can see here. Although I don’t think Kathy Griffin ever dated Nick Nolte. But then again, I always confuse him with Gary Busey. Who’s Gary Busey? Oh, don’t even get me started.)

have a good day, everyone!
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