So I’m thinking this morning about memory. I watched a segment on GMA about how to retain more information, but before they got to that, they did a little test and threw out a fake phone number (and they emphasized it was fake, nobody’s number, so don’t call it, so you just KNOW some people did, just for kicks. But I digress). They said not to write it down, but that it would be important later. Now, I’ve been a little worried about my own memory lately, as I seem to be forgetting everything, but I think it’s stress related and hopefully not a permanent thing. Anyway, I was determined to remember this number. I said it out loud a few times. Wrote it in the air (which is not the same as writing it down, and plus, I just remember stuff better if I do that, no idea why). All through the segment, I kept thinking how I was going to remember it, and sure enough, I did. I even remember it now, a full hour or so later: 552-4419. (Now, that’s nobody’s number! Don’t call it! Don’t!)

The sad thing, though, is that right BEFORE that, as my husband was leaving the house, he asked me to call our lawyer about something. What’s the number? I asked, and he told me. Do I remember it? Nope. Not at all. So, if you’re keeping track, that’s retention of fake number, good for nothing: yes. Retention of actual number I actually need to call: nope. Clearly, I need to follow the advice of the GMA experts, which was to take folic acid and B-vitamins, eat dark chocolate, get lost once in awhile (for spatial relations) and do some crossword puzzles. Apparently, all these things help.

And, of course, I REMEMBERED them! Verbatim. Now, I have to go look up my lawyer’s number.


have a good day, everyone!
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