A warning: this is pretty much going to be an all-Gilmore post. So if you’re not into that, I completely understand and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Everyone left who wanted to? Good. Okay, then.

Here’s my dilemma. As most of you know, I’ve been having just about the best Gilmore summer EVER, watching the seasons on DVD through Netflix. (Which, along with Tivo, is my most favorite thing EVER these days. But that’s a whole other entry.) Anyway, so as of right now, I have two discs left of season three. So don’t tell me what happens, please, because I don’t want to know. The problem is this: season four is not yet out on DVD. It comes out September 27. And the new season on TV will probably start before then (is that season five? or six? I know someone out there knows).

Anyway, so my choices are either to A) wait until September 27th and continue on as I have been, skipping any new episodes on TV, which I wouldn’t understand anyway because I’m pretty sure I’m missing an entire season in between, and then pick them up later, or B) just start watching it new on TV and then backtrack through season four when I can, filling in the gaps, which are probably sizeable. Of course, neither of these are ideal, but then what in life is? Nothing. Exactly. The truth of the matter is that even though I have been racing through the DVDs this summer, now that I know I am down to my last two I am dragging my feet, not wanting it to end. Silly, I know. But true.

(I also have the Desperate Housewives Season One on my Tivo list: I want to watch it from the beginning, as well, even though I think I already heard what happened. But that was pretty much unavoidable. It was everywhere!)

Oh, well. Maybe I will just skip the new ones and keep on being a couple of years behind. It’s not all bad, although avoiding the spoilers is getting more and more difficult. Even flipping through the guide on my TV, I have to shield my eyes if I see a description: I don’t want to know! I don’t! And I thought having a self imposed media blackout during the Tour, so as not to know how Lance was doing so I could watch it live to me, was hard. That was just one month. This is YEARS! What can I say: TV devotion is not for the weak. It takes hard work and endurance. Hopefully, I am up for it.

have a good day, everyone!
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