It’s ironic that this is a late-ish entry for me, considering I’ve been up since six this morning. I had to get up to bring in my car, which is brand-new, to the dealership because I need a new headliner (which sounds much cooler than it is, like I’m booking bands or something: actually, as far as I can tell, it means the interior of my roof is falling down). Anyway, so I figured I’d get up really early, go in, get it fixed, be done. Right? Wrong. Actually, it’s going to take all day to fix, so after waiting around for awhile I caught the complimentary shuttle back towards home. I rode with the nicest guy, an older man with the kind of Southern accent I love, just local enough to sound like home. Plus, he kept calling me “girl,” as in “Girl, you have you a good day, all right?” I love that.

Anyway, so now I am sitting outside Carrboro’s famous co-op market, an area I usually steer clear of because it can be a little too crunchy for my personal taste. But every once in awhile I think, come on, it’s not so new-agey, you’re probably exaggerating in your own mind. So I come here, and then the minute I sit down I hear someone talking about how someone else has “spirtually violated” them, as I just did a few moments ago. And I think, nope, I was pretty much right all along. But whatever. It’s a pretty day, not too hot, and there’s free wireless. Life is good.

I did tune in for the thing on NBC Nightly News about YA fiction last night, although I didn’t see my book. Which maybe was a good thing, as it was all about how some YA is just so Shocking and Offensive. They quoted a mother who basically said all that was available was fantasy and smut. Now, come on. That’s a little extreme, don’t you think? Then again, you could be like MY mother was when I was in high school and only interested in Jackie Collins and Stephen King, when she wished more than anything I’d be into Jane Austen. She’d just look at me, sigh, and say, “At least you’re reading!” And I was. I got to Jane Austen eventually, as well. I just took my time.

have a good day, everyone!