I KNOW I’ve asked this before, but really, why isn’t Beverly Hills, 90210 out on DVD?

You have to wonder. In a time when just about every show is releasing full seasons—I was at Best Buy the other day, and the TV on DVD section had been moved, spruced up, and was enormous, rack after rack after rack—why this one hasn’t appeared yet. I mean, you can get Dawson’s Creek AND The O.C. on DVD, but no 9er? (That’s what we called it, back in the day. Okay, what I called it. I am such a nerd, it’s sick. Moving on!) You can get Reba and Raymond and even Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model but no Dylan, Kelly and Brenda? It’s just wrong. Someone is NOT making money they could be making. Hmmm.

I guess this is on my mind because I stuck 9er back on my Tivo and have been watching a few episodes here and there. Okay, fine, full confession, I watched the one where Andrea left with her family to move to Yale and I got all teary. So sue me! It was also the one where Kelly had to choose between Dylan and Brandon: I mean, come on, it was emotional. Plus, there’s my Luke Perry fixation, which I noted was still in full effect as I watched him on the screen. God, I love Luke Perry circa whenever that was. He is like the one celebrity that if I actually met him I would pass out. All those years of pent-up crushworthiness would be too much to handle, even for a happily married girl like myself. Put me with Luke and Lance Armstrong, and I’d most likely burst into flames. No joke.

The more I watch 90210, though, the more I realize how dated it’s becoming, already. Especially the clothes, and Steve’s mullet. Yikes. But there was a sweet sense of goodness to that show, how they always tried to have a message, something positive. They didn’t have Seth Cohen, but then again maybe they didn’t need him. It was a simpler time, what can I say.

Oh, man, look at me getting all nostalgic at 9:38 in the morning. Way too early for that. I’m going to drink some more coffee.

have a good day, everyone!
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