*jingle jingle*

Coco got her rabies shot the other day, and they gave her a tag. Which, because I am shopping prone, I figured was as good a reason as any to go buy her a new collar. So I got her this totally cute (and completely prissy) pink polka-dot one, and put her tag on it. Now, she jingles everywhere she goes. I figured this was a good thing, as before she was able to be silent and stealth as she crept around, disappearing into the dining room, where I always wondered what she was doing (i.e if she was peeing on the floor, which she usually was). But now there’s this jingling, constant jingling, and it’s the silences that I get concerned about. If she’s not moving, what is she doing? Probably peeing on the floor.

*jingle jingle*

Oh, well, at least it’s Friday. And because I am running late, and feeling somewhat uninspired, I’ll again do my own take on the Friday Five, with five random things. Here goes…

1. To everyone who wanted to know more about my husband after yesterday’s entry, I say, I appreciate your interest. However, my husband likes to be discussed almost as much as he likes most of the shows I watch (i.e. not much) so I have to do my best to respect that and leave him out of things, except for the occasional anecdote. He doesn’t read this journal, I don’t think, but still he doesn’t ask for much either, so when he does I try to honor that. Or do my best, anyway.

2. Here’s a handy tip I bet NOBODY cares about but that recently was a big help to me. If you need to track a package with UPS, did you know you can just enter the tracking number into Google, hit search, and the link pops up right to it on UPS? Me neither. Amazing.

3. I finished Gilmore Girls Season 3 the other night. A moment of silence and respect, please. It was JUST SO GOOD. And even better, Season Four starts up on ABC Family in a couple of weeks. I think. Fingers crossed!

4. For the person who asked if I would be returning to UNC after this academic year, the answer is…I don’t know. Not yet. I’m just seeing how things go. But my intention is to go back, eventually. I think I’m going to miss it a lot.

5. And finally, a lesson I learned this week: if you want something, just get it. Especially if it’s food related. For instance, if you’ve really been craving a real ice cream sundae, with real hot fudge, just go get one. Don’t get some wimpy frozen yogurt variation, or try to make one at home with just a little bit of ice cream and fudge so you don’t feel so guilty. You just end up eating ten times more ice cream trying to come close to what you really want. Look: don’t approximate! Enjoy. Life is short, right? Go eat that sundae. No guilt involved.

And the jingling continues. On, and on, and on…..

have a good day, everyone!
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