You know how you sometimes do things you know you shouldn’t? You are assured they will not end well, stress you out, make you nuts. But yet you can’t resist, and the next thing you know, you’re in the fetal position, nerves jangled, blood pressure blasting?

That’s what happens to me every time I break down and watch My Super Sweet Sixteen.

This show is just wrong. It showcases bad behavior, feeds already huge egos, give people who should NEVER have one a platform. Do we need to know that someone will spend $150,000 on a party to celebrate their daughter turning 16? Or that said daughter is then terrible to her mother, believes she is “always right” and throws a fit when she is told she might just have to drive a USED Lexus? (Oh, but it was a just a joke! She got a brand new one. Whew!)

I think this is actually why this show is so popular: I mean, it’s like the girl you love to hate. Face it, human nature is such that most people are not going to spend a lot of time sitting around discussing how sweet and kind someone is. But someone like these girls, and there’s no end to the commentary. Still, I digust myself every time I watch, because it just encapsulates, so neatly, so much of what is Wrong With the World. But I still watched. So shame on me, too.

As I was watching, however, I kept thinking about something I saw in a local store the other day. It was a sign that said SHOPLIFTING IS BAD KARMA. DEFINITION OF KARMA: WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND. DON’T DO IT! And then, underneath it, tacked on in a different hand, different marker, was GOD IS WATCHING YOU. Good to have all those theological bases covered, I guess. But when you see people who act terribly—who shoplift, yes, or litter freely, or believe that money entitles them to just be horrible to everyone with no consequence—karma is sometimes a needed comfort. As is turning off the TV. Which is what I will do, next time. I hope.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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