So much going on today, I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll just…start. I guess.

First: the hurricane. I am thinking good thoughts for everyone on the Gulf Coast, as this storm is just so scary looking. I hope people were able to get out, and if they weren’t, at least made it to (somewhat) higher ground. We go a few weeks without hurricanes, and you just kind of forget about the possibility, until something like this happens, a category 5 (now 4) bearing down. Yikes. Let’s just hope everyone is safe.

As for us, we spent last night flipping between hurricane coverage and the MTV Awards, which were, in a word, underwhelming. I was kind of bored, if I’m to be totally honest. Maybe I’m just too old to appreciate the crazy music of these kids today? But I don’t think so. At any rate, I’ll defer further comment and follow tradition, instead leaving it to Ryan and his running commentary. Good stuff for your Monday morning, and the line about Shakira made me laugh out loud.

Meanwhile, as of today we’re officially starting to do some work on our house. Which means that as I write this, there is a continual banging from outside and underneath me, a compressor is hissing and popping, and the dogs are going completely mental. And this is only day one! We have months of this to come. But it IS something we really want (and need) to do, so I’m excited. Whether I’ll be able to edit my book in the midst of all the chaos is another thing entirely. Here’s hoping!

And finally, a confession. I didn’t think I could go lower than My Super Sweet Sixteen, but people, it’s happened. This weekend, in the midst of everything, I got sucked into Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. God help me. Maybe this is what they call hitting bottom? The first step is admitting you have a problem. So at least I’ve done that.


Ooh, that was a big bang from outside. Yikes. But it’s the sound of progress, right? Sure it is.

have a good day, everyone!
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