What a month! Up, down, up, down! Emotionally, you’ll be all over the map.

That’s the first line of my September horoscope from Astrologyzone, to which I say: Well, great. That’s good to know, right? Or…maybe not.

I used to be really into my horoscope. Maybe even, I don’t know, obsessed? I read at least three every day, one in the paper, a couple online, as well as the monthly one on Astrologyzone, which is very in depth, listing specific days that will be good or bad. I don’t know, life is so uncertain, right, that sometimes you feel like you’ll take anything you can that might give you a hint of what to expect. (This is tied in with my tendency to think everything is a sign, which my husband cannot stand. He believes things just Are What They Are, nothing beyond that, but of course I see levels in everything.)

But then, one month last year I had this FABULOUS horoscope, which promised all sorts of wonderful things, and then I had the pretty much the worst month EVER. Which is just what I deserved, I guess. At any rate, I stepped back, gave up the dailies (except for the one on the comics page, which I put no faith in whatsoever: okay, maybe a LITTLE, but not much) and just decided to live my life and see what happened. Which is easy to write, harder to do. But then isn’t everything?

At any rate, I went months without checking my extended horoscope. And when I finally did, I made it a point to do it at the very end of the month, and the truth was, while some predicted good days were good, others weren’t. It was occasionally correct, more often not, again, like so much of life in general. So now when I read them, I take them with a grain of salt. Maybe I will have an emotional month. (Maybe every month is an emotional month? Oh, don’t answer that.) Or maybe not. Now, though, I’d rather just find out as I go. Sure, it would be great to know all the good things that are coming, but if that meant I’d have to know all the bad, too, I’m not sure I’d want to. Better to just…live, I guess. That’s all we can do. Right?


have a good day, everyone!
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