I’ve been wondering when it would be appropriate to start writing here again, with all the bad news, and misfortune. But I guess there will never be a way to know for sure, so I’ll just proceed with respect, carefully. Here goes.

It’s officially fall: you can just feel it. Chill in the air? Check. Leaves falling, blowing across the road? Yep. Getting dark earlier? You bet. Last night, we cooked out hotdogs and made devilled eggs and officially said goodbye to summer, which is always sad. But I guess you have to let it go in order for it to come back again, eventually. And the eggs were great. Which was nice.

Meanwhile, due to skyrocketing gas prices and the need to cut out unnecessary trips, I spent much of my weekend here at home, watching movies. First, I finally got to The Upside of Anger, which I’ve been wanting to see forever: Joan Allen, Kevin Costner, Keri Russell, serious chick flick potential. I have to say I liked it, although I think it got sort of scattered as it went on. Too many plotlines, not enough closure. Still, I recommend it, especially as a curled-up-in-the-middle-of-the-day movie, for which it was perfect. I also watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye—how’s that for a contrast!—a documentary that’s a couple of years old about, yes, Tammy Faye. Very interesting. Even though I was here in NC when Jim Bakker and PTL came tumbling down, I didn’t remember a lot about it, so it was really compelling. Plus you have to love ANY movie that is narrated by RuPaul and some puppets. Classic.

Finally, last night, I watched Speak, the adaptation of the novel by the fabulous halseandersonLaurie Halse Anderson, which was just SO good, better than just about anything I’ve seen at the theatre this summer, no joke. It was on Showtime and Lifetime simultaneously last night, but if you missed it Lifetime is running it again next Tuesday at 7. Very good, and I’m happy for Laurie, who I met in April, in Austin, and is just as cool as you would expect her to be (i.e., very). It’s also coming on DVD this month, I believe, so keep an eye out.

Devilled eggs and movies: a nice way to finish out the season. Now, I’ll turn my attention to long sleeves, new books and movies, and the premiere of The OC, in just two days. Yessss!

have a good day, everyone!
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