Busy morning, and haven’t had enough coffee to form cohesive sentences (just look at this one, if you doubt it). So: a quick five.

1. It’s official: Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crowe are engaged. I’m happy for them, I really am. And since I am married, I guess I can’t expect Lance to just wait around for me to decide to go with the whole bigamy thing. But still: sigh.

2. Last night, I was channel surfing, and I saw that Gilmore Girls was on. The last two episodes of last season. Finger on the remote, I wavered: I wanted to wait, to watch everything in order, but….the pull was too great. I watched. I am caught up (for the most part). I will watch the DVDS of the seasons I missed as they come out, I can deal with that. And I have to say: seeing Luke and Lorelei even slightly together was worth it. Big time.

3. Every time I am sitting up here and I hear Coco start running wildly around downstairs, her new tags jangling, little feet pattering madly across the hardwood, I start laughing. It’s the little things, people. You take what you can get.

4. Embarassing confession: last night I dreamed that I was competing in the finals of America’s Next Top Model. Even MORE embarrassing confession: this is not the first time I have dreamed this. So sad. (And if I don’t end up deleting this out of pure shame in a few minutes, it will be a miracle.)

5. I watched Oprah’s Hurricane Katrina show last night and cried my eyes out. I’m telling you, they should be showing it in prime time, it is that compelling. If you missed it, part two is on today. If you saw it, you know why I now love Nate Berkus more than ever. (And why I am tearing up as I write this. Man. Too much.)

Okay, deep breath, moving on, gotta go. Have a good day everyone!
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