I seriously considered not doing an entry today, as I wanted to leave up the one from yesterday: the comments were so good and right on point I wanted them to have more of a chance to be read through the weekend. So if you haven’t had a moment to check them yet, do it now. Pretty illuminating. Like Oprah says, maybe it’s time to go for excellence and not perfection. Sounds good.

Speaking of perfection versus excellence: the O.C. All in all, I was happy. We got a neat and tidy wrap up of the cliffhanger (of course) and what looks like some intriguing new plotlines. Have to say I’m not crazy about Ryan’s short haircut, but otherwise, all pretty good. Especially the end. We shall see where we go from here. Don’t you just love a new beginning?

Yeah. Me too.

Have a good day everyone!
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