Monday, and as I write this there is a small bulldozer about two feet from my living room window, tearing up our yard for some sort of drainage purpose. Also today the driveway will be graded and improved and slab poured for the renovation. Plus, our electrician is coming to start wiring the addition. But the thing I am especially excited about is that maybe, just maybe, we’re going to get our satellite and Tivo hooked up so that we can watch one thing while taping another. Which would mean: no more having to choose between Will and Grace and CSI and several other time conflicts. This could very well improve my marriage, if it happens. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I spent most of yesterday doing a full-on assault on my closets. This is ALWAYS hard for me, as I am entirely too nostagic about everything. I know you’re supposed to make three piles: keep, trash, thrift store, and then sort accordingly. Which is great in concept, but doesn’t really account for those things that you find that you’ve totally forgotten you had but are instantly convinced you WILL wear again, even if you haven’t for years. I ended up with several piles. Like:

1. keep
2. trash
3. thrift store
4. keep because something big happened while I was wearing it
5. keep because I might fit into it again, someday
6. keep because it cost a lot of money so therefore I have to wear it, even if I haven’t yet
7. keep because someone else might want it (although I called my friend Courtney about the karoake machine I bought for a party a few years back: she didn’t want it—smart girl—so now I have to give it to the thrift store).
8. keep because it was a gift and what if the person finds out I gave it away?
9. and so on.

It’s really pathological, I think. But the end result is that I DID fill several bags and boxes, and my closets (and I) feel lighter and less burdened. Now, the trick is not to fill them up with MORE crap. Which is even harder than sorting. But oh, well.

have a good day, everyone!
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