I have written here before about how much I love my XM radio in my car: so much music to choose from, no commercials, and The E! True Hollywood Story you can listen to as you run errands. I mean, how cool is that?

I’ve discovered a lot of music because of XM, and learned about the crash and burn and amazing comebacks of many celebrities. But my favorite thing I’ve found on XM is The Writer’s Almanac, which comes on every day at noon on the XM NPR station. It’s really simple: Garrison Keillor comes on, tells you what famous figures in the arts and the world were born on this day, and then reads a poem. It’s so basic, but for some reason I just love it, and if it comes on when I’m just pulling up somewhere I’ll often just sit in the parking lot, or my driveway, to listen to it. And the sign off is the best part of all: Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. It sounds hokey, I know, but when every story in the news is just so sad lately, a few minutes of peace a day is MUCH welcomed.

Speaking of bad news, I was talking with Bianca last night about how every story in the paper or on TV seems so sad, and how it was hard not to feel sad because of it. Then, reading Newsweek last night, I saw a blurb about this site, which consists of nothing but happy stories. Okay, so it’s a bit hokey as well—I especially love the top banner, which shows people just looking really calm, or maybe medicated—but it’s nice to have an option for uplift, once in awhile. Like one of those BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY kind of things. If you’re having a bad day, or feeling despairing, just click over for a little pick-me-up. If I do it enough, will I look like those people? Only time will tell.

Finally, a true pick me up (at least for me): Gilmore Girls premiere. Tonight. Now THAT is good news.

have a good day everyone!
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