Busy day ahead, but at least there is not a constant banging and crashing downstairs, as well as people traipsing in and out. The remodel is in a holding pattern for a couple of days, and the dogs are taking advantage of the quiet, sound asleep downstairs. Nice.

Last night, after another busy, hectic day, I double and triple checked my Tivo was set to tape Gilmore Girls, then headed out to a reading and signing by local writer Leah Stewart for her new novel, The Myth of You and Me. I was lucky enough to get to read it a couple of months ago, when she sent me a galley, so I can tell you it’s a REALLY good read, and I highly recommend it. It’s always fun to hear someone read out loud from a book you’ve already read, it gives it that whole other level of coming alive, somehow. Everytime I go to a good reading, like the one last night, I think, “I need to do this more often,” which would not be hard to do, as there are writers EVERYWHERE in this town, as well as people coming through all the time to the local bookstores. Maybe that should be another thing to add to my Changes to Be Made List: not just more reading, but more readings. We shall see.

Afterwards, I rushed home to watch Gilmore Girls, which was great, except that for some reason the sound cut out on me after about ten minutes in, all dialogue replaced with a loud, rushing buzz kind of noise. I thought the entire episode was going to be like that, and was so upset. “Well,” I said to my husband, after pressing all the volume buttons and nothing changing, “I guess I just try to guess at the dialogue, or just invent my own, or something.” To which he replied, “That’s the saddest thing I ever heard.” Still, I was ready to do it, and then…the sound came back. Whew! So all was not lost, happy ending, and that’s all we need right?

Right. Oh, and for hurricane Ophelia to skirt our coast and just move along, missy. Get thee to a nunnery! (That was Ophelia, right? Oh, don’t even tell my father, the Shakespearean, I asked that. He’d be so ashamed.)

have a good day, everyone!