When I was younger, I watched MTV videos all the time. It was what I did before I left the house in the morning both in high school and college: I’d sit there, bleary-eyed, with my breakfast and catch a few songs before heading out to the bus. Even when I got older, morning videos were still the way to go for me. But then at some point—when, I can’t say exactly—I started watching morning news shows instead. Now, I’m all about GMA with Diane and Charlie, and I haven’t seen any videos for ages. Until a couple of days ago, when I turned on my TV and there was Dave Matthews, following Julia Roberts through a field of beautiful purple flowers.

I stood there for a second, watching it, sucked in like I always was back in the day, like nothing had changed. See, I thought to myself, I’m not really all that different after all. It’s morning, I’ll get my breakfast, I’ll watch MTV….except, when the video ended, I realized I wasn’t watching MTV. I was watching VH1’s morning show “Jump Start,” which shows more adult, contemporary videos, i.e. no Good Charlotte or Eminem (I’m assuming). Which means I am not as hip as I thought, but instead solidly in some other demographic where we like our videos to be hip yet not too loud. Oh, sigh. And oh, well.

Well, we all grow up sometime, right? I mean: Britney’s a mom now. If you need proof of time marching on, look no further. It seems like only yesterday she was in her schoolgirl pigtails and plaid skirt. Ah, memories.

have a good day everyone!
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