And it’s Friday. Finally! (Or, already?)

At any rate, the weekend is almost here, good things are happening. First, I found out yesterday Dar Williams has a new album out, which I immediately went and bought at ITunes. So exciting and totally unexpected. Got to love that. Plus, it looks like she’s coming to Raleigh on Oct 5th, which is even more awesome. As my cousin AnnaMo would say: Dar! Dar!

Second, the Emmys are on Sunday, and I LOVE the Emmys. I have my fingers crossed—okay, not right at this minute, or constantly, but you get the idea—for Jeremy Piven to win for Entourage. If he doesn’t, I will be Oh So disappointed. Other than that, I have no real favorites, but I do love Ellen DeGeneres. Should be a good night. Also on Sunday night? The premiere of Dazed and Confused on AMC, followed by a documentary about the making of the movie that features several people from the cast, including Matthew McConaughey and Parker Posey. If you have not seen this movie—and how can you have not seen this movie?–you must tune in. It’s in my top five, no joke.

Finally, a question: how hard is it to customize a journal? I’m a little tired of how this one looks, but I am not code-savvy by any means, and changing it seems complicated. If there’s a somewhat-easy way to do it, let me know, and maybe I will undertake that as a project for this weekend.

If not, I’ll just content myself with other activities. Like listening to Dar. And deciding what books to bring when I head out of town in a couple of weeks (so far, I’m planning to take Empire Falls and at least one of the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants sequels). And, in the quieter moments, quoting all my favorite Wooderson lines, like “Hey man, watch the leather,” and “The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and make you follow. You just gotta keep living, man. L-I-V-I-N!”

Sigh. So true.

have a good day everyone!
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