Good morning.

I have to say: the Emmys disappointed me. In fact, I didn’t even watch them for that long, mostly because the singing portions were so excruciating. I was embarrassed for everyone involved, Donald Trump in particular. Plus, Jeremy Piven didn’t win, in fact nobody won who I was rooting for. At one point, my husband, regarding the Fame sequence, said, “There’s just something wrong in the world when this is on television.” To which I replied: “It’s a little early in the broadcast to be talking like that.” But it was, sadly, the truth.

The best part, to me—other than Ellen, who was doing what she could with what she had—was when they cut away from the opening number with the Black Eyed Peas (which was a rap about the nominees) and got a priceless shot of Jon Stewart looking completely repelled and horrified. Which was just how I felt. I think they should have just kept a camera on him the entire time, and let him run his own commentary. THAT I would have watched. As it was, I switched channels about an hour in over to, yes, Dazed and Confused. Much better.

Speaking of movies, this weekend I went to see Just Like Heaven, a movie for which I have very low expectations, although I’m not sure exactly why. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t the Best Movie Ever, but it was pretty cute. Then again, I am a Reese Witherspoon person, I love her, and she was really good in this. As was Mark Ruffalo, who I have loved ever since You Can Count on Me and 13 Going on 30. Maybe this is the return of the decent chick flick? In Her Shoes opens in just a little bit. So maybe we’ll find out if it’s a trend. Fingers crossed, at any rate.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who offered suggestions/help for overhauling my livejournal. I will do something about it soon, but right now I’m up to my ears in revisions, so I have to wait awhile. I’m also sort of feeling like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (About the journal, not the book.) But change is good, right? Maybe just not right now.

Now, back to my glamorous life: I’m off on a dump run and to the bank. Fancy, right?

have a good day everyone!
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